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The Appraisal Process
The Hows & Whys

The process of appraising is sometimes called one of science and of art: the science is the facts an appraiser must gather about a piece of property; the art is the appraiser’s interpretation of those facts in deriving an opinion of value. Every appraisal is like a puzzle and it is our job, our responsibility, as appraisers to ensure that the values we assign to those properties are accurate and reflective of current market values. In the dynamic environment of the rural real estate market, more and more buyers and market participants are seeking detailed market data and information related to properties and value trends. Headwaters Appraisal acts in a consulting role to various clients, including land trusts interested in the way easements can affect property values, municipalities seeking to purchase water rights, and buyers completing due diligence issues, among others. The firm has the ability to analyze data relative to a specific area in order to give clients additional assurances relative to values and trends.

We offer commercial real estate appraisal services and specialize in conservation easement appraisals and partial interest property rights in the western part of the United States. Coverage area map is depicted here.